Chris Lane

I am a passionate designer with industry experience in a variety of design disciplines where I have won multiple competitions. A primary interest of mine, since a young age; is yacht design, which has driven my future ambitions into the industry. I have always enjoyed designing for the high-end market, exploring design and materials without tight financial limits to push design boundaries. However, previous experience and projects has seen me lead projects with professional clients successfully to achieve a well resolved design, fitting with the brief and their budgets. I pride myself on being a creative with fresh, innovative ideas influenced by my constant interest in the industry.

chris_lane11@hotmail.co.uk | www.lanedesigns.co.uk

50m Yacht Concept

yacht for web .jpg

The yacht concept works on a modular superstructure sytem which allows the decks to be prefabricated off site and assembled in a much shorter time than conventional yachts. The upper deck level, inspired by cantilever architecture trends; rotates 90 degrees to create more available deck space.

Purion Ionic Air Purifier

Purion is a filterless, inoic air purifier and humidifer device aimed at the luxury market in urban dwellings and is inspired by natural, organic forms. The product removes pollutants from the air and creates a healthy enviroment with it’s ionic feature, scientifically proven to increase health and mood.