Abbey Sheffield 

I’ve always strived in the creative subjects at school, and now a successful career within the field is my next goal. With my strong passion and drive for art and design I have accomplished and grown within the subject. After producing and exhibiting my final minor project for the Nottingham Light Festival, achieving the short list for Tomy’s national packaging competition, and completing a successful placement at the high end bespoke kitchen design company Roundhouse, I am now wanting to demonstrate what the next generation of designers have to offer to the industry. I want to change what is expected and push the limitations of design to match our ever-changing society.

T: 07887620421




Sfär, a new robust and multifunctional floor lamp designed for students, graduates and young professionals. Utilising the stark contrast of rustic copper textures and the natural qualities of ash; Sfär provides controllable intensities of light to suit all your needs and requirements.

Your light, how you want it.
Sfar, Floor Lamp.
Adjustable, Affordable Lighting for the Home. 

S c e n t i m e n t a l

S c e n t i m e n t a l is a modern and contemporary approach to celebrate our societies heritage and traditions. With the unique combination of nostalgic memories, sensory attributes and upcoming trends; Scentimental offers a communal approach of reminiscing by utilising the smell, look and taste of food and their recipes.

Designed to be bespoke individually by a user, the idea is to bring back moments of the past in a tastier manner, offering a smelling sensation like no other.