Adam Brookes

I am an enthusiastic product designer and I am on a mission to design products based on problem solving. I have always been interested in designing products with sustainability and longevity in mind, and I believe that designing in this way enables an improved quality of life, both for humans and the environment. These two factors are included throughout the products that I have created, whether it is materials based or an ergonomic design. Following a placement at Quickplay Sport, a company which designs portable sports products, I feel that I am ready to begin a professional career within product design. I am very confident in the range of skills and abilities that I possess, and feel strongly that these can be used effectively within a design environment. 






Plight is a contemporary desk light which has been made using 100% reclaimed pallet wood. Characterised by its function, Plight has the ability to alter the light position using its arms and pivot points on the lamp head. Plight optimises the old fashioned model making process and as it avoids the use of adhesives, it has a definitive green feel. 


AQUASPRAY is a reusable sports bottle that has been designed to provide a much more hygienic drink. The chin rest allows multiple users to share the sports bottle without getting saliva around the mouthpiece. AQUASPRAY rethinks the drinking experience and increases the fun factor when used.