Adam Harris

I am a designer who thrives on breaking barriers with intelligent design, using my strong
abilities to conceptualising abstract ideas. I have built up extensive knowledge and professional experience after working with internationally esteemed design and research facilities such as the Frauenhofer Society, alongside a broad industrial knowledge gained from my production orientated placement. Design is the natural choice of path for me. I love it. I’m fascinated by it. I want nothing more than to improve the life experiences of others through my work.

Aside from design, I love film, karaoke, language and Wimpy’s©.



Major Study Project:

The FrAme™ Glasses


Over 100,000 people are affected by Facial Palsy every year in the UK with over 50 different causes. It is a debilitating condition that paralyses one or both sides of the face, in turn causing numerous problems that are both physical and emotional. At the moment in the UK, treatment is mainly consisted of routine steroid treatment, with the majority of patients struggling to access the expected physiotherapy due to a gross lack of specialist services, research and NHS funding. The FrAme™ Glasses however, set a new standard in the treatment and recovery process of the Facial Palsy Condition. Taking advantage of modern optical flow sensor technology, the FrAme™ Glasses combine a lightweight structure, datatable sensor housings and confident aesthetic to create a product that fully appreciates optimal user experience and ergonomics. The glasses monitor muscle movements in the face during therapy exercise, providing accurate real time feedback to the patient.


SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Kast Concrete Basin Frame


This project was produced in collaboration with two market leaders in their respective fields, Hydro Extrusions and Kast Concrete Basins. The project focus was to produce a basin frame that would use the various advantages of aluminium and the extrusions process to build and improve upon the current steel frames at Kast Concrete. The result of this was a modular design that would provide complete adaptability to the basin and the customer’s needs, with the much-added benefit of a fast off-the-shelf assembly method. This frame does not only open up the international market to Kast with the advantage of flat-pack shipping alongside the basin, but also provides an elegant and capable frame that reflects the luxury, quality and care of the Kast Basin product range.