Adam John Rowe

I have an interest in the way people react to furniture pieces within a space, and how people use furniture as a tool to perform tasks. Because of this I believe furniture can be seen as an architectural piece; how it interacts with features currently in its proposed environment, how people use it in conjunction with other buildings, how its stands the test of time physically and visually. Additionally growing up in a moderately rural background with regular hikes around the peak district, and other environments around the world, influenced me to implement nature into my designs to enhance performance, health and wellbeing from an early age.



adamjrowe@outlook.com | www.adamjrowedesign.co.uk

Biophilic Soft Seating


This highly flexible range allows people to be nomadic and choose their preferred work environment and posture. The range enhances performance, health and wellbeing through the use of biophilic design attributes - reinstating our connection with nature as the rate of urbanization is increasing. 

Colour pallets are taken from natural environments around the world, for instance the Brittan’s natural environment would have green and grey tones, the Mexican natural environment would have orange/ yellow tones. This allows for cultural attachment to place within the office to make workers feel part of a community as well as having a connection to the natural environment local to them.



Element is an exploration into Corian. Etched on the inside of the Corian is patternwork to allow light to diffuse through and provide representations of earth, wind and water. The Lazer engraved patternwork on the Corian is juxtaposed with the use of pyrography on the leather to provide a calm environment within both domestic and public spaces.