Adele Marie Sison

Thought driven, thorough, and passionate, my work reflects a commercial sensitivity and a desire to solve problems. Having previously lived in Italy and France, I moved to the UK from Canada in 2014 to study furniture design. Alongside my studies, I’ve spent the last two years working as a junior designer at a high-end upholstery company. Highly dedicated, and no stranger to hard work, I look forward to continuing my career in furniture and evolving my design practice.




Nomad Side Table


Born out of a live brief with John Lewis and Canadian design brand Umbra, the Nomad Side Table is a reaction to living spaces getting smaller, and a trend towards moving home more frequently. The removable legs are attached with a simple sliding slot system (without the need for tools or hardware!), and can then be stowed away in the storage area, compacting down for ease while moving. Once slotted in, the legs are locked in place with a tray that then creates an area for hidden storage, specially designed to house a laptop. The slot holes at the bottom also double as an opportunity for cord management. The table top detaches and becomes a hinged tray; perfect for use as a portable table surface for working on a laptop, eating, etc. Designed for the ever-growing demographic known as ‘generation rent’, Nomad is a side table that moves where you do!  



Alessia is a modular seating range designed for modern living. Inspired by a growing need for flexibility within the home, Alessia features arms and backs that can be clipped onto a steel base in a variety of configurations, and also easily dismantled for transport. The square and rectangular bases can be combined to create a completely customisable seating experience for any living space. The consideration for occasional sleep has also been designed into the Alessia range. The base of the sofa is a bespoke mattress using innovative plastic spring technology from the bed industry. Atop of the mattress is a feather topper which unzips to reveal a standard sized duvet. The side cushion is a standard sized pillow, while the back cushion rolls out to reveal a feather mattress topper wrapped around another foam pillow, allowing the option of both a softer mattress and a firmer pillow.