Agata Nowak

I enjoy exploring design through combining unusual materials and textures to achieve a unique end resultMy design philosophy is based upon not only providing a solution but also bringing out the beauty of a product to complement an individual’s lifestyle. In my work I apply user sensitive design to gain a better understanding about peoples’ needs.

Earth Lamp


Earth lamp is here to bring a touch of nature into a modern home. Organic textures are captured in simple shapes. Earth lamp is a triple pendant light made of mixture of bronze, resin and wood shavings. The shades are made using a casting process and each of them has a unique pattern created by wood shavings.

Dignity Dressing Table

Major Project close up.JPG

This modern dressing table is a result of a mixture of conservative and contemporary approaches to design. The product is mainly made of ash wood and glass. It is designed to look aesthetically pleasing and help with everyday product organization. The tinted glass parts allow the user to see the content of the drawers without exposing too much. The middle part contains a hidden mirror and an additional compartment.