Albie Waterton

Over my time at University my design skills have expanded and developed, allowing me to become a confident designer, with a passion for the end user. Time spent on my placement year at SolidSolutions has certified me as an expert in SolidWorks and has removed boundaries I have previously faced when designing. This new outlook upon design has helped me match my keen interests in triathlon, geometric forms and questioning the social norm, with my design projects in my final year. Despite the CAD background, I still really enjoy getting my hands dirty and being driven to combine aesthetically balanced forms with function, without compromise.


watertonalbie@gmail.com | albiewaterton.carbonmade.com | LinkedIn

ISI- Individual Stroke Improver


ISI is a hand paddle for improving your freestyle technique without the need for a swimming coach. It promotes a palm positive technique so that the paddles remain in place with correct technique. The convex design of the paddle improyes the body position and streamlines the hand entry, to eliminate cross over in front of the head. The paddle increases the feel for the water, and allows swimmers to make adjustments to their own technique as they swim. It also increases the resistant on the swimmer and allows them to engage and develop the key muscles. Through the unique ergonomic shape designed to fit natural contour the hand ISI utilises a strapless design.




Concrete is often associated with a distinctive set of preconceptions. BIAS is a material led cocktail bar, which has been designed to push the limits of concrete, whilst still creating a product that lives up to its durable characteristics. The end result is a unique warped concrete tabletop with a lavish finish, that invites the user to interact. Developments of BIAS have led to the product being able to change aesthetic over time with user wear.