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Albina Omarova

I have been studying abroad since the age of 17 and this has given me something of an invaluable experience that has opened my eyes to the cultural differences, values, and provided a clear understanding of the different use of products, surrounding and how they function in society, I believe that life experience can equate good design through the collaboration between cultures which in can bring new valuable and exciting experience to the world. I have a passion to design - to solve problems by creativity, to drive this world to a better future.


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This world puts a lot of unfairness on to little kids through stereotypes and pressure from the society. Purpose of this customizable toy is to empower little girls to celebrate themselves and who they want to be by customising toy in there own preference. The aim is to teach and help little girls to freely express their emotions without judgments by putting faces on the toy to express there own feelings.


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A lot of pottery goes in to waste after it is getting broken. The aim of the project was to recycle waste (eggshells) into biodegradable pottery to reduce waste that going in to land field. Plates and cups made out of bio plastic with eggshells which give nutrition in to the ground as eggshell contains calcium as well as pottery has as a nice stone texture.