Aleem Islam

I am an enthusiastic and motivated individual and will always find enjoyment in whatever I do, in terms of my work this results in a thorough and well thought out process which justifies the project. I relish my time in the workshop creating a ‘hands on’ based approach through meticulous sketch modelling and prototyping to ensure my outcome is as complete as possible.



Vinny Pendants

Vinny Pendants were created using a unique thermoforming process. Discarded vinyl records were formed into the light shades combined with timber offcuts which were hand turned and waxed on the lathe to create the Top Pieces. Resulting in a quirky product, targeted at those in the leisure and recreation sector such as bars. 

JP Helmet 1.0

The JP Helmet 1.0 is designed for American football, to stimulate a change in attitudes and behaviour. Intended to reduce the number of unnecessary head collisions which are causing CTE. A progressive degenerative brain disease, common amongst American Football Players.

The ABS exterior and Expanded Polypropylene Foam liner, provide sufficient protection yet removes the false sense of security created by the existing helmets.