Alex Nangle

I am a hard-working and hands-on designer with an interest in furniture and interior design. Iparticularly enjoy the larger stages of the design process, working and experimenting with materials to turn concepts into functioning 3D products. Where possible, I look to improve my skills across different aspects of the design process; most notably within graphic design, manufacturing and textiles.

During my placement year I worked at Smith & Brown Joinery, a bespoke joinery manufacturer inNorth London. I designed furniture for the high-end residential market, specialising in creatingSolidWorks models and drawings to aid production. The manufacturing know-how and professional practices I learnt during my time at the company have assisted me in the development of my Minor and Major projects during my final year at NTU.





With an ever-increasing population, different solutions to food production are being explored. While large-scale urban farms located within cities are becoming more common, small-scale urban farms located within people’s homes will be quicker to implement and develop a stronger connection between the consumer and their food. The HydroPod is a hydroponic farm designed for use within the kitchen. It allows the user to grow leafy green vegetables and a variety of herbs year round. The HydroPod not only provides a constant supply of healthy nutritious produce, but is designed to cause users to be more aware of their consumption of food.  



With the home rental market expanding and tenancies now averaging just over twelve months, there has been an increase in both the sale and disposal of affordable flat-pack furniture. The difficulty of disassembling and transporting IKEA furniture compared to the convenience of buying new means many renters are currently purchasing new furniture each time they move home.

 Lissit aims to combat the overconsumption of flat-pack furniture by allowing for easy assembly, disassembly and transportation. Requiring no tools to assemble from its flat-pack form, Lissit is multi-functional; allowing for the assembly of a storage unit, seating and a side table by utilising the same components. Its powder-coated steel tube frame offers stability while also being light to carry, and its leather sling doubles as both a comfortable seat and a robust shelf if required.