Alexandra Brown

In a world saturated with brands, marketing messages and abundant exposure to product advertisements on a daily basis; as a designer, I am fascinated with how consumers are emotionally attached to products, services and systems and how their attitudes, habits and behaviourisms change depending on the products and brands they choose to associate and form an identity with 

User Experience has always been an aspect of the design process I have been interested in, as well as textures and colour palettes. When out and about, I am inspired and in ore of how products are marketed and made available at the end of the production line for consumer appeal and attraction. |

Timed Aroma

IMAGE 3.jpg

Timed Aroma is a mantel clock which disperses bursts of home fragrance. Scent of a consumer’s choice travels through the stand and diffuses out through the clock face at selective time intervals. The intensity of the scent can also be altered. 

Freshly Filtered

IMAGE 1.jpg

A POS display designed specifically for Fresh Produce in Supermarkets. ‘Freshly Filtered’ attempts to tackle the chaotic aesthetic, organisation and cleanliness of the displays currently in situ and to change the behaviourisms of supermarket employees and consumers.

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