Alistair Backshall

I developed a passion for design from a young age. For me, product design is a highly connected discipline, embracing not only the physical product, but also the whole user experience across communications and the digital interface. On my placement year I worked as a graphic designer in a fast-paced team with direct client contact. This enhanced my Adobe CS skills as well as developing strengths in teamwork and client liaison. My projects demonstrate my belief in connected product experience by putting the user at the centre of every decision - from product ergonomics to on-screen UX design.  | LinkedInBehance

Save Water with Walter


Meet Walter, a visual reminder to remember to use less water. Walter is a promotional product, that you receive in the mail with your water bill. You then construct your ‘Walter’ yourself - if you have a child it’s ideal to get them involved! Once constructed, you can then place him somewhere in your bathroom, the choice is yours. It is recommended to put Walter somewhere in your bathroom that it is visible from all areas, or if you have a particular bad habit, focus Walter there. If you’re in the habit of leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth, try putting Walter on your mirror above your sink. Then every time you see him, you will remember that you need to save water. 



After recognising how dog owners dislike leaving their dogs home when they’re away, I developed TreatSeek. TreatSeek is a hide and seek activity for your dog when they’re home alone. You receive three, easy to set up, devices that you can position around your house, you fill them up with standard solid dog food, and activate it when you leave the house. TreatSeek will distribute treats in a pattern between the three devices throughout the day, and the user can control treat patterns and check activity on the mobile app. TreatSeek works successfully to reduce separation anxiety, keep dogs mentally stimulated and active while you’re out of the house, and most importantly increases dog happiness when left alone.