Andrew Cowen

I like to design for the future of products. Influenced by the sci-fi world in my designs, I create deep-seated, new, modern products. 

Depending on the brief, I will use my knowledge of design and experience with research I gain from exploring, studying life in nature and landscapes, museums and people in their daily environment - walking and working. This then leads to rapid idea generation to kick start the project I am working on. 

Drawing from the age of three, Art and Design influenced my decisions leading up to a university degree. Studying for two years at an art and design college, this helped greatly in producing unique and interesting outcomes in my designs.  

Outside of design, I love to travel, exploring other countries and their cultures, yielding inspiration from everything I see! I take an interest in astrophotography and sports in my spare time as well as keeping up to date with the latest film trends and technology. 

Ancodesigns@gmail.com | ancodesigns.com



Lighting your creativity! This bespoke desk lamp is made from premium quality materials and is perfect for illuminating and decorating the working space. Exploring the relationship between the ambience and the user. Lumav changes appearance gradually, bringing a warmer glow as the day darkens, lighting your task with ease. 

Lumav can be arranged for a multiple of tasks through different heights and angles to suit the requirements of many people. Designed for reading, writing, typing, drawing, gaming and creating. 



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Colour for you & me! For visually impaired people - invites the user to scan any object to announce the colour. Enhancing the shopping experience by giving back independence. Aiding those who want to know what colour garments are in their wardrobe or on a store shelf. Includes contactless payments. In addition to clothing garments, this device can tell differences in fruit ripeness (bananas from yellow to brown), medication box colours, wires, recycle bin colour codes, letter stamps, bank notes and credit card colours.  

This wearable technology device could aid blind and colour-blind users in their everyday life in and out of their home. The user can then be a part of societies fashion trends and not feel left out, giving more expression to their wardrobe. Quite a few blind users have to have neutral toned wardrobes, unfortunately not out of choice and with this device, that would change for the better.  


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