Andrew Marsh

I have a real passion for design and anything creative. I have always been creative from a young age as creativity gives me a real drive and motivation. I completed my placement year at the Walt Disney Company where I designed and developed plush toys for global markets. I was able to develop my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills from creating overlays, graphics and stylised character artwork. All areas interest me whether it’s from research and graphics right through to photography and prototyping. I would like to develop these further and one day create my own design business. 



T: 07814 882288  


Böjd is a table lamp inspired by origami techniques. The metal lamp is made from one single net that is bent and folded into place by hand by the manufacturer. By using this process, the lamp requires no fixings such as welding or screws, saving cost on manufacturing. Böjd is designed for the domestic market which uses colours such as white, copper and teal which are currently on trend within homewares. The lamp is also decorative due to the perforated pattern around the shade, making it suitable for many rooms within the home environment. 


Ripe is a fruit bowl designed to help reduce food waste within the home. Most fruit bowls are a ripening haven, however ‘Ripe’ has compartments inside which utilises the main cause of ripening, ethylene gas. It allows the user to stagger and control the ripening process, stopping the fruits from spoiling simultaneously. The bowl is made from ceramic with a satin cream glaze and oak finished with beeswax making the bowl hygienic to use and food safe.