Andrew Penson

My passion for design has stemmed from my very first Design and Technology class. The ability to approach issues and form logical product based solutions will never stop challenging and intriguing me.
I pride myself in an ability to quickly analyse products understanding their function and assembly, allowing me to approach any project with confidence. This with my competency at a range of CAD software enabled me to lead and manage a number of projects during my year at a design consultancy, ranging from balcony design to medical equipment. I bring both professionalism and passion to all projects which I have taken onto my freelance work.
The world of design is ever expanding and evolving and I am always seeking to evolve along with it. As well as design I have a keen interest in hiking, the natural environment and exercise.


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Major Study Project:



The modern world has an ever increasing demand for power and an increasing obsession in health and fitness. So why not solve one with the other? This is exactly what the Peddle-Ohm provides. The Peddle-Ohm offers a simple easy to use turbo trainer, but while you burn calories it generates power. The casing contains a generator unit that utilises a roller driven by the rear wheel of the bike. But unlike most turbo trainers the Peddle-Ohm does not use magnetic resistance to increase the training intensity but uses a current controlled circuit. This means that not only does working harder make you fitter but it also makes more power.

The Peddle-Ohm is aimed at the cycling and camping industry to provide both training and a portable source of power. As well as a commercial product Peddle-Ohm has been design to educate the current generation to the need for renewable energy.