Annah Morrish

Throughout my time at Nottingham Trent I have learnt so much about the design process and have been given the opportunity to explore many different aspects and inspirations of design. I have mainly worked with wood, however, I have enjoyed looking at using materials in different ways in my dissertation which lead onto my material choice for my major project. I hope to have used the research I found about designer’s influencing consumer’s perspective of material choice to understand my client and also to deepen my understanding of materials.



Angus, a child’s desk and stool set. The standing desk, designed to decrease childhood obesity, has an easel style top and chalk board side, with storage space inside the stool. Birch Plywood has been chosen to give Angus a traditional toy aesthetic while enabling the desk set to remain on display in any home.


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Ally, is designed to bring together industrial concrete and natural live edge wood. Marrying the two together to change consumer perspectives of concrete as an interior material, and to invite the material into their homes.