Annie Lewis

I’m an aspiring Product Designer with a growing interest in user focused design and problem solving. I like to take influence from the culture filled world around me, drawing inspiration from different experiences and working alongside people to aid project direction. Creating products that tell a story is an important part of my process. As is being able to rapidly communicate concepts whilst keeping a keen eye for detail when visualising. 





Metsä Camp Set


Metsä is a camp set of utensils, a portable bowl and cutting board, which folds down and stores everything you need to eat outdoors. Interchangeable utensil heads and handles clip into the lid, which also acts as a chopping board on the reverse. The multiple parts allow you to pin down food for preparation, eat comfortably, and scrape out remaining food.  When finished all the parts come together, so you can easily see if anything is left behind before storing inside your bag.

Transcend Work Desk

Transcend is a unique desk aimed at creative professionals who require a more versatile desk space. The unique drawer system pulls out around the user, enabling uninterrupted work flow and task completion. With possibilities to expand the range, this user driven design is a new take on an essential classic.