Anthony Yau

Designing has always attracted me in many kinds of ways. I find the process when designing challenging, but at the same time exciting. There are always things to learn about in design, studying products and learning how components and parts works is fascinating. Finding out new method to make things work is always inspirational. I have always enjoyed exploring new designs and products.

It makes me think about the first impression of the product and how it interacts with me. And when I found something that make me want to buy that product, I will always find out what gives me that feeling of wanting the buy the product. Is it the form of it, the colour, the weight, the material, the shape, the texture...etc. Sometimes, I buy things that I don’t need but just because I liked the feeling when interacting with the object.



Refillable perfume bottle

Yau-Anthony-Kayne_Refillable Perfume Bottle1.jpg
Yau-Anthony-Kayne_Refillable Perfume Bottle2.jpg
Yau-Anthony-Kayne_Refillable Perfume Bottle4.jpg

Perfume is a popular product around the globe, however studies had proven that although “glass” is recyclable, but the process of recycling the material is not environmentally friendly at all. Also, research shows that perfume bottle was one of the products that people did not recycle and dispose them once they are emptied. Moreover, as the fragrance market is growing every year, it is a sensible idea to start thinking an alternative way to ensure the products wouldn’t harm the environment as much as before and reduce the amount of glass waste due to environmental issues. Instead of just recycling them.Due to these issues and personal interest, a concept of a system was designed focusing to solve the problems of the afterlife of the product. Unisex refillable perfume bottles were designed which the bottles were capable to refill with a machine that contains many different brands of perfume.

HYPERMIX personal blender


The product is designed to suit the convenience of customers with new functions and make the job easier. This topic was chosen due to personal experience which it was found that there are a few common issues about personal blenders in the market.

The lid of the HYPERMIX personal blender contains small amount of water to wash away the leftover after drinking the smoothie, preventing the bottle to smell. The 3-speed motor fits under the bottle and connects the blade. The protein powder container also fits under the bottle, allowing gym goers to bring it to their sessions. A cutting device shortened the making process by cutting fruits into pieces in one cut, and it fits on the motor when not needed. The stainless-steel exterior keeps the smoothie cool and protects the product and the bottle is capable to fit the wrist and fully clean the bottle with ease.