Asher Erskine

My name is Asher Aiden Erskine. I’m a product and visual designer from London, currently studying at NTU, with experience in different imaginative disciplines including architecture, interior design, sculpture and documentary film-making. I’ve had the honour and privilege of working on projects for companies and organisations across various fields and cultures. 

Previously trained under the internationally renowned Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A), in London, and Italian based design studio, Sawaya & Moroni, in Milan. During my time with AL_A working on projects such as the recently unveiled Exhibition Road Quarter at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and Sky Central building in Osterley, I developed a passion for design on a larger scale. This was reinforced during my experience living and working in Milan with Sawaya & Moroni in the build up to Milan Design Week. 

BPMA Design Innovation Award Winner | Marketing Week Live Visitors Choice Award | Design Week Featured Designer | Nottingham Trent University Featured Designer |

Dodici | Hyper Adabtable Work Surface


‘It is therefore indisputable that the limbs of architecture are derived from the limbs of man.’
– Michelangelo

Dodici (Italian for 12), is the result of the minor project completed at NTU ADBE. A mechanical support structure allows the table to adapt from full to half size effortlessly. With a single movement, six arms rotate through 180 degrees of motion to provide a new platform for the second sheet of Borosilicate glass – ideal for larger scale work, or group projects. Originally inspired by the sculptural furniture seen whilst on placement year in Milan under Italian design studio Sawaya & Moroni, the human-like forms are designed using ratio and proportionate systems; such as the table top being a perfect Golden Rectangle.