Asher Erskine

My name is Asher Aiden Erskine. I’m a product and visual designer from London, currently studying at NTU, with experience in different imaginative disciplines including architecture, interior design, sculpture and documentary film-making. I’ve had the honour and privilege of working on projects for companies and organisations across various fields and cultures. 

Previously trained under the internationally renowned Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A), in London, and Italian based design studio, Sawaya & Moroni, in Milan. During my time with AL_A working on projects such as the recently unveiled Exhibition Road Quarter at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and Sky Central building in Osterley, I developed a passion for design on a larger scale. This was reinforced during my experience living and working in Milan with Sawaya & Moroni in the build up to Milan Design Week. 

BPMA Design Innovation Award Winner | Marketing Week Live Visitors Choice Award | Design Week Featured Designer | Nottingham Trent University Featured Designer |

Dodici | Hyper Adabtable Work Surface


‘It is therefore indisputable that the limbs of architecture are derived from the limbs of man.’
– Michelangelo

Dodici (Italian for 12), is the result of the minor project completed at NTU ADBE. A mechanical support structure allows the table to adapt from full to half size effortlessly. With a single movement, six arms rotate through 180 degrees of motion to provide a new platform for the second sheet of Borosilicate glass – ideal for larger scale work, or group projects. Originally inspired by the sculptural furniture seen whilst on placement year in Milan under Italian design studio Sawaya & Moroni, the human-like forms are designed using ratio and proportionate systems; such as the table top being a perfect Golden Rectangle.




Inspired by the future of outer space travel and life away from the familiar comfort of Earth, the project aims to tackle the associated psychological stresses experienced by those leaving. Looking at the power of memories as physical manifestations, creates a multi-sensory experience reminiscent of home and the loved ones left behind, in one of the most extreme situations known to mankind.

Designed as the Major project at NTU ADBE, HOME1 experience living away from home whilst in Milan on placement year, HOME1 is the culmination of a 4 year degree in BA (Hons) Product Design. Originally inspired by a fascination with outer space, coupled with a powerful combines a passion with a motivation to design a meaningful user experience.

Special thanks to The British Interplanetary Society, the worlds oldest space advocacy organisation, and PELITM, the worlds largest manufacturer of aerospace approved reusable plastic cases, for their support in this project.