Ashley Hunt

I believe every product tells a story. Whether it’s the inspiration behind the design or how it was manufactured, each product has its own unique narrative. As a designer this is something I am extremely passionate about and I believe we have the unique ability to enhance and build upon in order to design products that the user both loves and builds a strong connection with. I strive to design clean, simple and meaningful products with a strong attention to detail, produced from carefully selected materials and finished in a way that merely enhances the material’s natural beauty. 

I am keen to expand my knowledge and experience further in all aspects of design expanding far beyond pure products to create holistic offerings for the consumer. I am ready to challenge myself to continue to develop to become a multidisciplinary designer exploring different design approaches to fuel the creative process along the way. | | Instagram



Orii is a contemporary modular organiser for the home or office with integrated wireless charging. The product has been designed to empower the user to stay organised whilst keeping their devices fully charged and enabling the technology to blend into the background. The product consists of a Corian solid surface base tray in 3 sizes, with additional add-in modules in a variety of materials such as walnut, maple and ceramics.

Annex Watches


Designed with the intention of creating a product that the user builds a strong connection with and evokes a greater sense of attachment through use. Annex Watches offer the consumer a unique product personalisation experience allowing the product to become ‘an extension of you’. Consisting of a solid brass case featuring intricate surface texturing, Annex Watches are designed to develop their own wear and patina through use making every product individual. Available in uncoated brass or with a black wear-away coating. Coupled with a natural veg tan leather strap and packaged unassembled, the user is encouraged to understand and care for the product throughout its lifespan seeing it evolve.