Ashley Warrington

My career in design began from an early age, creating models and solving problems though my own solutions and interpretations. I am a driven, enthusiastic and passionate individual who has a keen eye for details and enjoys challenging diverse projects; I have obtained a broad knowledge of mechanical design and engineering as well as skills in aesthetic design and have strong interests in automotive, industrial and product design. 

During the four years of study I have challenged myself as a designer and engineer to improve my skills through a diverse portfolio of projects, this has enabled me to acquire a broad range of high level skills in problem solving, innovation, analysis and system development as well as software packages such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. 

Over the course of my placement I worked within a talented team of designers designing for L'Oreal's point of sale units globally and managed multiple international and UK projects of my own; most notably the complete unit and system design of the premium brand relaunch unit for 'Age Perfect' across 148 flagship Boots UK & Ireland stores from late August 2017 onwards. During my placement I developed further skills in design for manufacture, sheet metal fabrication, prototype production, injection moulding and taking designs through from concept to final production and end client delivery; with the additional knowledge gained in project management and close client working relationships in an extremely time and cost pressure sensitive industry.

Apart from design, I enjoy participating in a variety of sport such as Squash, Golf and Road Cycling, I am also a keen follower of Motorsport and Formula One in particular. 



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Major Study Project:

Wave Generator Tank


WAVE is a renewable energy testing tank facility engineered to provide realistic environments to aid research and development into wave energy within Nottingham Trent University.

Due to the increasing requirements for energy diversification and reduction in global carbon emissions, alternative energy sources outside of solar and wind are being explored to try and reduce dependencies of fossil fuels.  Development of wave energy is primarily expensive in large-scale, although through the use of small-scale testing in a controlled simulation environment such as WAVE makes it possible for rapid testing of prototypes enhancing the development of devices cost effectively before large-scale sea trials.

The wave generator is controlled through the operation of a stepper motor driven 1st class lever design, with variable offsets. This enables a flexible design to create a variety of conditions for testing devices. 

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SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

City_Rebel Bicycle Rack


The City_Rebel is the solution to urban luggage transport. The adaptive design enables the expandability to carry a range of load sizes making it idea for fast paced modern lifestyles. Constructed from Aluminium 6063, the product is resistant to weather and corrosion, enabling it to perform for a longer lifecycle than a steel variant; it is also significantly lighter which is extremely important when considering the center of gravity of a bike to how the rider feels, the strength is maintain also which is important for heavier loads. A rear tail light provides warning to other road users as an additional feature.