Beata Astrauskaite

Art was always part of my life and design grew up on me over the years. Being furniture designer never even popped in my mind until the interview at NTU for the Product Design course, where I was directed towards the Furniture Design and never looked back. Furniture became my obsession: looking, touching, designing, making... Designs I make are brave, are either to love or hate. As designer, I am very ambitious, open-minded and always looking for innovation. In my opinion there is always the way to make something impossible to the possible. My final year of University was a bit more challenging and stressful, than the most of students. The Minor Project presentation was surrounded by concrete dusts and with the 38 weeks of pregnancy bump, the Major project with ‘NTU’ baby on the hands. Tackling stressful deadlines and motherhood, teaches time planning and managing, better than anything else. And excluding all the situation I was still challenging myself as much as I can. | | Instagram | LinkedIn

Llumrete Light


Llumrete Light is the irony of materials. Such a cold, hard material as concrete used for delicate light, which gives the warmth to it by transmitting the light through. After the placement at Lowinfo I got really inspired with the concrete material, but wanted to explore its limitations. That led me towards Translucent concrete. Llumrete Light is the beautiful combination of the concrete and fibers. The shape of the light itself was made to test the detailing ability of the material. It shows the possibility to achieve sharpness of the edges and shows the durability of the concrete. The Llumrete light is the decorative lounge/ living room light with adjustable lid which, could be used as little tray for the stationary, jewelry or other. The light gives warmth and romantic feel to the room. This light proves the durability of the translucent concrete, which could be taken to the more commercial projects, such as translucent wall panels with logos/writing transmitted by the light.



The Mest is built to suit babies, toddlers and children. It is the furniture which grows with the child and adapts to their needs.  
At the beginning, it is suitable for Moms to relax, feed and interact with their baby. Then it grows to story-telling/reading corner and later on becomes children’s adventure corner. 
The main feature of the Mest are ergonomics. It is made to give not only comfort for sitting, laying or napping, but also the support for breastfeeding, plus pillow can be used as ‘sit up’ for babies.