Ben Adams

As per most designers, I caught the bug early on with thanks to Lego. Obsessed by the stuff, I would build anything and everything. Combined with a natural curiosity of how objects were put together, I would often break things around the house with no intention of putting them back together. This fiddly and curious mentality followed me through school and finally gave me to skills to create my own objects at university. A love of science fiction has also enabled a sense of limitless in what I can create.


Faro Concrete Light


Faro was designed in collaboration with Nottingham-based concrete design specialists, Warrington & Rose. Faro challenges the users’ perceptions of concrete by encouraging product interaction. By allowing the user to sequence the range of textured, coloured, and varying material modules they are truly creating the light they desire whilst simultaneously forging new ideas on the possibilities of concrete.

Cherry Reminiscence

Cherry Reminiscence is a brand dedicated to providing bespoke multi-sensory reminiscence products designed specifically for people with dementia. Through the website, the user’s family or support carers can select and customise each page of the book to create an experience that reflects the user’s life.