Ben Irwin

Design in my opinion is all about making other people’s lives better. Although I would lean towards the engineering side of design, I would like to think that I have a creative side to tackle any problem head on and in a logical manner. Having little experience in medical product design I wanted to challenge myself with a technical yet ergonomic challenge with my major project. As well as design, I have an interest in sport and music, which have inspired other projects throughout my university career and allowed me to be a part of some life changing opportunities. | benirwin-designengineer

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In response to the Aluminium Extrusion Process brief, set by SAPA, the ‘Alrak’ incorporates 3 main AL 6063 T4 components, with additional ABS polymer end caps, with a modular slide fit mechanism. This gives the consumer flexibility in design to fit the product to their desired location.  

Disposable Syringe Applicator

This Disposable Syringe Applicator uses a precision grip to improve the accuracy of precision drug delivery and depth perception of needle insertion. A finger wheel mechanism actuates the syringe plunger to draw the required dosage and deliver the drug to the patient.