Benedict Ernstzen

I am a flexible designer with a great ability to adapt to any situation. This enables me to alter my design approach to any design brief. When designing, I take inspiration from repetitive forms in nature, particularly circles. I also focus on enhancing the users experience when interacting with products.


When I am not designing, I enjoy playing and watching rugby in my free time. I play for my local team “Five Ways Old Edwardians.” Having played rugby for seven years I have learnt how to be a team player. As a result, I am a first regular team player. | |



Shūgyō promotes the skills needed when learning how to shave using traditional methods. The design of the straight razor and single edge razor both encourage muscle memory to maintain the correct angle, pressure and speed. Shūgyō makes the shaving routine a pleasure and will no longer make shaving daily a chore.



Fusion is a luxury pendant light that combines interesting materials and manufacturing. The materials that are combined are concrete and liquid latex and the manufacturing method is centrifugal casting. Fusion creates a juxtaposition. Concrete is typically viewed as brutalist, however, Fusion is elegant and organic.