Bhavni Garara

My decisions in life have always been made with the foremost thought of what I enjoy most and what ignites my passion? Through this I chose to pursue an education in Product Design. As a student I enjoyed looking at the world and seeing what changes I could implement to improve life around me. The world has many opportunities, and I’d like to try accepting as many as I can. I embarked on furthering my studies, in Europe; this in turn permitted me to explore wider opportunities and experiences. Having learnt more about how I am able to thrive in different environments, I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills as a designer and strong interpersonal skills. A crucial aspect of my personal life will always revolve around books and charity work. Ultimately, these experiences have allowed me to enhance myself into a well-rounded individual.


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European Study Semester Project:

DYOR (Do Your Own Robot)


The DYOR (Do Your Own Robot) project was undertaken at ‘Universitat Politècnica de València (Technical Univerity)’ during a European Project Semester, under the guidance of Leopoldo Armesto. The international team of five, designed and built a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project for primary school children. The programme was made to encourage young children into learning and using more technology. The robot kit came full with instructions and step by step videos on how to build and programme your own personalised robot. In conjunction with an app, created by the team, the robot can programmed with pre-prepared packets of code. There are also skins and add-ons provided so that each child can possess their own unique robot.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Modular Shelving System



This bracketing system allows for a full customisation down to the material of the shelves. The installation consists of a mounting bracket and a shelf bracket. Each shelf bracket can be mounted using the same style of mounting bracket. This makes it possible to alter the formation easily without having to mount a different shelf. All the brackets are made using extrusion making it possible for them to come in a variety of sizes. There is also an extra support bracket available to allow for more support for heavier loads.

This whole system is designed in a way that almost all of the screws and mounting brackets will be fully hidden. It was designed for rental properties to allow renters to customise their space without damaging the property. It suits a wide range of storage requirements.