Brandon Evans

As a designer the two elements I value most are simplicity cleverly combined with elegance. These two fundamentals are crucial to all aspects of the work I carry out, whether it is generating initial sketches, creating models through to material choice and branding. I am a true believer in the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ as I continue to develop my skills on a daily basis; from renders to advertising my work I constantly strive to evolve and critique my abilities.  To find out more have a look at my website





The Verser-tile, tile range by Pickled Designs (left) looks to bring style, elegance and simplicity to the home environment. The beautifully moulded tiles come in three vibrant textures to suit every budget and taste. Verser-tile prides itself on their eco-friendly approach to the industry with their recyclable HDPE tile selection. Visit to find out more. 


A-Frame has been cleverly created with those that are visually impaired in mind. The stand works hand in hand with applications available on most tablet devices or smart phones to either scan, magnify documents or reading materials. The unique feature allows the user to either raise or lower the stand arm depending of the task being carried out.