Brendan Gee

I love design for the diversity it brings, always having new challenges and overcoming them through various creative methods. Throughout my education I have always pulled more towards creative subjects, from graphics and engineering to fine art, which I feel all have helped me collate a plethora of skills under my belt. I have always enjoyed exploring different skills and immersing myself into new things. After completing a year in industry in a workshop environment, this pushed my passion further into getting hands on with projects and learning more about materials through experimentation. University has helped my personal attributes flourish and I look forward to a future which allows me to embrace my creativity on a daily basis, creating products which people desire.


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Cross Lighting


An exploration into the art of blacksmithing helped produce this interesting design. Cross celebrates the craftsmanship of blacksmiths and incorporates tradition into the modern-day home. The concept was to eliminate the need for welding and only use traditional methods of joining the material together. The structure is composed of sheet mild steel and calf hide is used to create the wrap around the framework. It embraces the imperfections which comes with hammering the material and the progressive beauty of aging leather, giving each light individuality.



Linden is an easy chair designed to offer a comfortable break-out experience within commercial space. The design incorporates minimalism, to give a light, unobtrusive aesthetic which encapsulates natural timbers to give it a warm and inviting character. Collaborating with DFS Design Studio helped create the beautifully made seating cushions which provide a high level of comfort and embraces a very natural indigo tone. The loose cushions allow the company to replenish the look of the seat, adapting the chair to upcoming trends or to refresh old covers, reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practice.