Cameron Clough

I was first introduced to design whilst studying Graphic and Product Design during secondary school. I took an instantaneous love for the subject appreciating the freedom to invent and create. When I realised I could pursue this further and into a potential career I immediately decided to further knowledge of design through college and eventually into university.

I enjoy the wide range of opportunities and roles design provides, from model making and sketching to mocking up ideas on CAD software and marketing that final design through packaging and advertisements. All of which I was lucky enough to experience in a real world environment during my placement year. The aesthetics of a product are particularly important to me as I believe even the most mundane of products can appear interesting through the use of a suitable aesthetic direction.  

Release Tea Infuser 


This project brief was to design a portable tea infuser that utilised different teas optimum brewing temperatures, to prevent current issues such as burning the tea leaves, which causes the tea to have a distorted flavour. The thought process behind this project was research has shown that tea, in particular herbal and health teas are growing in popularity, due to the rise in the health conscious consumer. The target consumer for this project was working health conscious 24-34 year olds because through secondary research this was found to be the demographic most interest in herbal/health teas. This design has a capsule which is loaded with tea leaves and placed into the bottle before or after the hot water is added. The thermochromic ink band around the outside of the glass indicates when the water has reached a suitable temperature turning from red to clear instructing the user to release the tea leaves. 

C-VIEW Submersible DSLR Case


The C-VIEW underwater camera case is a cost effective more versatile underwater camera case in comparison to expensive single model hard case housing. This case aims to improve on issues with current soft plastic housing, the most important of these being ease of use of camera functions with particular importance on access to the focus ring.

By creating a modular design the C-VIEW case unlike expensive hard case housing can be adapted to many models of DSLRs and differing lens sizes. The standard kit size is suited for entry level DSLRS as the target market for this product is adventurous amateur photographers who enjoy photography as a hobby. Not only is this case suitable for use during underwater activities such as snorkelling but is practical for more mundane excursions such as to the beach providing protection from sand or on boat trips preventing splashing effecting the DSLR’s functioning.