Charles Baker

As a designer I love to break things down; work out who they work, how their made but also how their used. Design has always been a great part of my life, it has always interested me from a very young age. I have a great interest in aesthetical design however I love to design new and interesting products in all areas of design.  I hope to strive to a point where ‘My work speaks for itself’ Norman Collins


T: 07745893525

Sailor Jerry lights

‘Upcycling glass bottles into lighting’ turned into The Sailor Jerry lights. The Sailor Jerry lights takes the rustic appeal and artwork of The Original Sailor Jerry company branding inspired by Norman ‘Sailor jerry’ Collins. The light uses 6 to 18 Sailor Jerry bottles in a wooden frame with Norman Collins art work and the Sailor Jerrys logo laser cut into the bottom of the light casting a shadow of the logo but also making it glow with light along with the cut and sandblasted sailor jerry bottles.