Charles Hudson

Charlie is a designer who approaches design from an open- minded point of view. His designs in recent years have been influenced by his own Zen inspired principles of design. Designing with a reason is very important to Charlie as he believes the world is saturated with poor design. Emotional attachment, longevity and motivational design are areas which Charlie keeps in mind when designing. |


A Zen inspired salt and pepper seasoning range. What makes this project stand out is the beautifully simple aesthetics, simplicity being one of the hardest design elements to pull off. The range is conceptual and tactile, giving the user the ability to adapt the range, in turn building up an emotional attachment the designer hopes. The products material choice of Ash and Stainless Steel work in harmony with the Zen aesthetics.


Inspired by 21st century iconic chair designs as well as stadium architecture. The seat is designed to enhance the wellbeing of the user, this is achieved with the rocking motion as research has showed there to be many health benefits. The hammock aesthetic creates a cocoon of comfort, where mindful activities can occur.