Charles Oyediran

I’ve always been interested in materials and fabrication, having often pursued projects that would afford me control over these two aspects. Whilst continuing with metal-work projects in my own time and running my own enterprise I was lucky enough to find a role with the Brixton based 2MZ team who allowed me further opportunity to engage in workshop and fabrication based tasks. Keen to diversify my skills and understanding, I have carried out projects in unfamiliar areas including furnishing, consumer electronics as well as manifesto led briefs.

Having completed my year in industry at the London design consultancy Blond, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to all elements of the process, from research, ideation, concept development and manufacturing through to contribution towards client presentations. In my final year I have chosen my projects to reflect this enthusiasm and experience, firstly with HEX, a manual toothbrush, inspired by premium bathroom interiors, designed for sustainability through longevity and for my major project, I have used a furniture style to create a television which fits seamlessly into the modern home.


                                    charlesoyediran@live.com | LinkedIn

Brass Fold


Exploring the interaction between users and objects, I developed the Brass-Fold wallet which was driven by a consumer want for everyday carry objects made from desirable materials with functionality. The outcome encourages minimalism in wallet contents in an effort to focus on the essential components required for day-to-day use.



Deco is a project aimed at reducing the negative effects of bulky waste through use of disassembly to enable consumer repair. Whilst the one-piece assemblies and use of permanent fittings can be a barrier to user repair for contemporary soft furnishings, Deco uses a framework and steel fitting assembly to provide structure whilst the stylised cushions provide comfort. With consideration for end of life materials processing, Deco is created to have minimal impact in the event it ends up in waste, using materials that aren’t problematic in their disposal. The combination of easier to transport assembly as well as the ability to replace & ensure integrity of parts is aimed at encouraging reuse and prolonged product lifespans.