Charlie Pilcher

I am a friendly, hard-working and motivated individual, who strives to be the best I can in all walks of life. I have always been driven by creativity and aim to grow as a designer through studying Product Design at Nottingham Trent University. I hope to expand on my wide range of skills during this process, in order to kick-start a career in Product Design. I believe that the process of completing my degree will offer invaluable experience needed to better myself as I progress into a design career. 



T: 07584296350


FIREFLY is a rapid puncture repair system for bicycles that allows the user to temporarily fix a puncture quickly and easily. The replenishable aluminium canister contains a special compound capable of sealing up to a 2mm puncture and re-inflating the tyre in one operation, leaving the user to continue their journey almost instantly. The powerful 50 Lumen LED light ensures the user will stay safe and seen after dark, and makes FIREFLY a fundamental device for any commuting cyclist.


TUSK is a range of protective mountain biking equipment that enables the user to shed armour quickly and easily when it is not fundamental to the riding. The unique vent design of the knee and shin guards keeps the user cool under pressure, and allows the armour to be mounted to the users TUSK Spine Pack with minimal effort. The Spine Pack features a removable spine protector to keep the user safe.