Charlotte Doorbar

I am an ambitious worker who enjoys a challenge. I have an exceptional eye for detail and love all things craft and graphics based. Having worked for 16 months in a leading European packaging company, I have experience in both packaging design and packaging manufacture.




Instagram – charlottedoorbar_designs


GlØde is a range of corrugated cardboard lamp shades developed to challenge the negative pre-conceptions people have about corrugated cardboard. GlØde comes in 3 sizes and styles to suit any room. Each shade gives an individual, warm glow and casts different shadows depending on the positioning. They’re 100% recyclable and coated with an eco-friendly fire retardant coating for safety.


Honest is a brand of food products with easy to open packaging, focusing on encouraging consumption of anti-inflammatory foods with added fibre and vitamins, recommended for sufferers of Arthritis and Parkinson’s. The packaging has been developed to maintain structural integrity whilst still being easy to open.

The EASY Standard has been developed to encourage designers and manufacturers to consider the ease of opening of their packaging and for consumers to develop confidence in products carrying the EASY stamp of approval.