Cherelle Hibbert

I am excited to express my creativity and ingenuity as a designer who welcomes challenging tasks and problems. I am a conscientious designer as I also enjoy fine art, sketching and modelling; these skills coincide with each other for a truly unique outlook on my design processes. For me, I can find inspiration in almost everything, from nature's beauty to man-made details and this unique outlook encourages a wider view on my design visually and intrinsically. Throughout my design experience, I have discovered a growing interest in packaging design and this attention to detail has resulted in strong products designed through storytelling, research and development. I am very open minded and eager to learn new skills to broaden my experiences within the creative industry.


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This project was entered into the Starpack 2018 Awards in association with the Metal Packaging Association, entailing the design and branding of a new luxury metal tin set. Through exploration of the coffee bean and its African origin, the discovery of coffee ceremony of Eritrea led to the creation of 'Zula', infusing the aroma, process and tastes of Ethiopia and Eritrea within the experience. The mortar and pestle are included within this gift set as a unique connection with coffee grinding and the initial ceremony. The flavours include three different levels of coffee notes/strengths to represent the multiple roasts of the ceremony itself; Awel (Light Ygracheffe blend), Kale'i (Medium Sidamo blend) and Bereka (Dark Harar blend). 


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As a modernistic approach utilising the benefits of active music therapy, PlaySound is a workshop service providing interactive and communicative musical sessions for students. It has been designed to relieve stress and encourage well being during times of academic pressure, providing a much needed study break from the qualms of university life. Different light rythmns from the main speaker hub are sent via Bluetooth to each rhythm light for a fun and unpredictable percussion playing experience.