Chirag Gosai

‘Every great design begins with an even greater story’. Originally from London, I have grown up in one of the greatest design hubs in the world, whether that be in fashion, architecture or product design. From thriving in my early design classes during secondary school, not only my interest and ambition for the field increased, but also my range of skills. From this point, sharing my designs within the industry would be greatly beneficial, in terms of beginning my career, and giving back to the design community. Now, a final year student at Nottingham Trent University, I have pushed my long-time ambitions and am ready to show the world my full potential as a designer. I am a keen learner, full of passion and determination. Both a team player and a highly-skilled individual, I always provide a high standard of work to the best of my ability.


                                               Cgosai@hotmail.com | LinkedIn



Nura is instantly recognizable for its angular shade creating a warm ambient glow. A polished aluminium housing threaded into frosted glass, Nura is more than a statement piece for your home. A product inspired through simplicity and sleek design, Nura projects a very unique appeal particularly through the visibility of the traditional Edison Squirrel bulb. The elegant eye-catching bulb draws the attention of on goers soon becoming a ‘Wow’ factor within the home. Our hand crafted threaded feature allows users easy accessibility when changing the bulb as well a design keeping maintenance to a very minimum. Nura can be used in many different configurations such as an individual piece hanging over a dining table or kitchen island, or for more intense effect, users can hang them in multiples using our pendant system.



Fusion is an innovative food waste caddy with easy-to-use waste compacting capabilities, providing users a strong basis to begin a composting system. The elegant design allows waste to be compressed via a stainless steel platform, promoting the production of liquid fertilizer useful in enhancing and enriching home and garden plants. A key design aspect incorporated within the system is a ventilation feature, which allows air to enter and circulate inside the unit, helping reduce moisture and bad odours. Fusion’s elegant form will bring afeature to your kitchen worktop.