Chloe Calman

I have a passion for design and enjoy discovering new ways to express my ideas. Ideally a career should enable you to work on projects that you enjoy and are good at. It should not be an experience that becomes a chore, but one that enables you to wake up looking forward to each day. This is how I feel about a career in design. Both my work and social experiences in life have prepared me to perform well as a team player and an independent individual.



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Soul is a luxury lounge chair inspired by the organic forms found in the South African savannah. The design interprets these forms to bring an artistic style to a living space. High quality timbers and fabrics are used to ensure luxury and comfort. The frame of the chair is made up of many different parts all carefully put together to create the unusual organic shape.


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SNAP frames are magnetic interlocking photo frames. They allow the user to create their own compositions and display their memories in a unique way. Through the use of strong magnets, the frames snap together and hold the photographs in place. Each frame is designed with a tongue and groove system so that they can slot into each other and create multiple different compositions.