Chow Tat Hung Ted

As a designer I focus on producing good design, it is the key to a better future, it can be simple or complicated, analog or digital. My designs gravitated toward simple and clean. I wish to improve the world with my designs, providing well designed products to solve everyday problems.



FlatY is an indoor bin with a hygienic built-in compactor. Instead of using an extra tool to compact the trash, the specially designed mechanism uses the bin bag to compact the trash. The inner lining can be wash easily to guarantee a much cleaner bin. It is also a flat pack design to minimise shipping cost.


TiA is a solution for indoor bicycle storage. Tia consist an emergency repairing kit for quick repair work on the go, it also include a pair of tire cover. Design for both indoor and outdoor needs for cyclist, TiA keep the floor clean and the bicycle trip safe.