Chris Raleigh

As a designer I have always been keen on developing ideas based around what’s currently missing from the world around me, with many of my ideas being directly inspired by my own experiences.

I’m certainly a CAD based designer when it comes to the development of my ideas, after a placement which primarily revolved around 3D Animation, Rendering and graphic design, I have a strong passion for these activities, and a skillset heavily based around these abilities.



Fruit Infusion Decanter

Provides a quick, easy and enjoyable way to produce and store fruit infused water in your home, which can provide a variety of health benefits, while discouraging the consumption of unhealthy beverages. The design ensures minimal waste by containing all the fruit juices and fruit pieces within the removable slicing compartment.

Music Therapy Cushion

Inspired by Music Therapy, this concept explores the possibility of incorporating a speaker into soft objects such as cushions or pillows.

The product could potentially be used to improve the mental state of individuals suffering from various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and stress disorders.