Claire Darmody

My understanding of design has significantly grown over my time studying at NTU. My passion has always been in wanting to create products and services to change and improve the way we live, and I feel I’ll leave university in a stronger position to pursue this path. Yet I've also learned to appreciate the importance of designing for pleasure; the satisfaction a designer can have creating something beautiful but not necessary, and the enjoyment this can bring to the user. All elements of design are equally essential in order for the design culture to continue to grow, thrive and be vibrant.

Infusion BBQ


Infusion is an outdoor cooking facility and a quirky take on the classic BBQ. Consisting of a mild steel body, oak cladding and ceramic cooking plates, Infusion enables the process of alfresco dining to be an exciting experience, and encourages dishes beyond the capabilities of the average grill.       



Spindle is a futuristic staircase for the corporate environment. The sculptural piece ties industrial concrete with stainless steel to create a durable yet elegant flight which is both practical and pleasurable to use. Encouraging the placement of plants making this a focal point of the workplace.