Craig Martin

Growing up I was always drawn towards creative activities, allowing me to express myself and communicated with others. Naturally this lead me down the path of design where i thrived in creative physical items in the workshop and designing through the use of CAD. I believe as designers we should produce quality products that provide something and are accessible to as many people as possible.

Creation of multiple models and rapid prototypes helped me test designs and improve on them with feedback from the users with both my Minor and Major projects.

In my spare time, I am either playing American Football on the offensive line or refining my brush skills and steady hand by painting miniatures.



D12 Pendant Light


The D12 Pendant light revolves around the Dodecahedron Corian light shade. Corian is a high quality solid surface polymer that is mostly used for kitchen counter-tops, this product highlights corian as a material for use in more commercial products. Making use of Corian's seamless joining to produce a unique geometric shape that appears as one piece and has a soft glow when lit.

The Handi Shaving Kit


Dyspraxia is a developmental condition that affects the fine and gross motor skills in people, this results a lack of coordination in everyday life. The Handi Shaving Kit has been designed to aid in the process of shaving for people suffering with dyspraxia. The kit contains rubber grips for a razor, a beard shaping tool and a handbook with guides and tips on how to shave. The box also becomes a stand to keep all of the users shaving tools in one place. The combination of these parts will help the user develop a faster and easier shave.