Dan Hook

I’m a designer, artist and sculptor form Nottingham. Gaining most of my inspiration from art and with a background in fine art sculpture, my designs tend to be more experimental. 

Recently, my design approach aims to blur the line between one off and batch production. This is done by manipulating somewhat unruly materials with moulds, therefore creating different forms within a product range. |



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Joni is a conceptual, material experimentation project developed with the intention of understanding possible uses and manufacturing qualities of polyurethane expanding foam. This was conducted in order to further future design ideas. 

The range itself is a modular system, composed of powder coated mild steel tubing and polyurethane foam. It is intended for use in the service industry.


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Roger is a ceramic pendant light. It’s turned cork fitting is designed in a way that allows the shade to be slip cast in most clays and still fit, regardless of shrinkage. The cork allows a gentle but firm hold on the delicate shade. Once formed, the ceramic shade can be edited, distorted and glazed in a combination of different ways prior to final firing. Meaning a vast range of unique products can be created from one mould. Each variant generates a different ambience once lit. The porcelain disperses the light faintly through its translucent shell whilst highlighting details and subtle blemishes in its form, whereas, the terracotta emits a warm, earthy glow.