Daniel Deyermond

My interest in design, and development of products, has interested me from a young age. I am continually inspired by, and curious about, the world around me. This interest/curiosity has led me to focus on ‘why’ solutions (designs) need to be found, what is the problem people are trying to solve (including myself), and what is it the customer needs (or wants). My love for art has developed my attention to detail and my desire that all good design should be functional but aesthetically pleasing. I do not shy away from hard work, robust research and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of product design. |

Tiny Feet


99% of pregnancy related deaths occur in developing countries98% of these deaths are preventable. 70% of the preventable deaths are the result of post birth blood loss. ‘Tiny Feet’ is a charity concept aimed at increasing the survival rates of women giving birth at home in rural areas of developing countries.  The Tiny Feet ‘After Birth Blood Loss Prevention Kit’ is a basic medical package and step-by-step user guide, designed to assist mothers post birth, reducing the risk of severe blood loss and addressing two key factors that contribute to the alarming figures: 1) the lack of a rural medical infrastructure and the availability of skilled attendants at the births; and 2) giving birth at home with little or no medical equipment or knowledge.

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Nona is a contemporary chopping board with the introduction of waste and collection bins. Nona is manufactured from Corian, giving the product a heavy, granite like feel and aesthetic. It is less abrasive than stone based products, prolonging the life of the user’s utensils. The angular shape to the board is not only more attractive but it improves the effectiveness of the board as the user can place the bins at an angle which suits them best. The two bins allow for the easy separation between chopped food and the waste ends. The bins also allow for easier transportation of the food around the kitchen.