Daniel Harfield

Inspired by people, I design products which focus on improving the day to day lives of the user. With experience in various disciplines including consumer electronics, commercial furniture, branding and lifestyle products, I have a passion for all practices and stages of the design process. Having completed my year in industry at the London design consultancy Blond, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to all elements of the process, from research, ideation, concept development and manufacturing through to contribution towards client presentations. In my final year I have chosen my projects to reflect this enthusiasm and experience, firstly with HEX, a manual toothbrush, inspired by premium bathroom interiors, designed for sustainability through longevity and for my major project, I have used a furniture style to create a television which fits seamlessly into the modern home.


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HEX is a premium manual toothbrush, designed for the modern bathroom interior. A focus of the project was to reduce the quantity of waste plastic within the dental industry; the modular design allows for the replacement of the brush head, whilst retaining the anodised aluminium handle and holder, providing sustainability through longevity. HEX has been inspired by other lifestyle products currently on the market, in particular colour, material and finish choices, with a tactile form, available in black, grey, green and burnt orange.



Texture, a television reimagined as a piece of furniture, has been designed to fit seamlessly within the modern home. The form has been inspired by Scandinavian architecture and simple, modern interiors and furniture; resulting in an aesthetic, minimalist design with useful storage spaces. Texture has been created to provide options for the user to select different finishes and colours, in a similar way to furniture, to truly reflect the individuality of our interiors.