Daniel Huckvale

Originating from Stratford-Upon-Avon; my interest in design have stemmed from a passion for creativity, particularly in the form of miniature modelling.

I am a firm believer that design demonstrates the perfect balance between the art form and commercial marketing viability. As a designer, this ethos has allowed me to explore the potential for minimalist statement design showcasing material and colour, whilst also ensuring that the work I develop is highly suited for a retail environment and its intended consumers. However this doesn't mean that design shouldn't be fun, and I often enjoy approaching projects with a playful attitude with intentions to add as much character to a product as possible.

I am constantly aspiring and willing to improve and develop within the design industry, particularly within the realm of targeting product marketing, to establish myself with a strong multi-disciplinary skillset. | Linkedin

Santi: Cantilever Task Lamp


The concept of using concrete as a material choice for commercial products is nothing new, yet it possess vast untapped potential. Santi is a task lamp that seeks to offer a contemporary alternative lighting product, which showcases a unique black speckled aerated concrete mix cast as a striking base.