Dave Morris

Since I can remember I have always had a love of making things, starting with Lego. I would create anything and everything that my imagination could come up with. Designing and making furniture was something I always wanted to do. Until my placement, I never had the opportunity or resources to make start. Since then I have made several toy boxes, tables and assorted furniture pieces. As a keen family man, I’m always kept on my toes looking for new things to create for my daughter to enjoy. |



Astell is a new compact sideboard unit that incorporates concrete as part of the structural design. Keeping with a more retro contemporary design Astell still resembles the inspiration of Scandinavian design. An experiment through concrete, Astell test’s the limitations and benefits in both its structural and aesthetic appeal. Compact enough to reduce weight but big enough to fit an average drawer and open space Astell is a welcome piece in any setting.



Happiness and joy, Liwi is a pendant light designed to encourage these emotions through colour. An experimentation through colour pencils, Liwi’s aim is to create an uplifting feeling to every consumer. With its simple contemporary design, it does not distract from the primary focus of the colour, allowing it to be enjoyed in any space.