Dean Parkes

I am an enthusiastic and innovative product designer who always strives to achieve the best. I excel at problem solving and always find a way to overcome the obstacles in front of me. My creative thinking during my time at university has led to me to winning a national Starpack award in 2015, as well as being a finalist at the Engineers Without Borders competition in 2016.
I spent last year on placement at a company in the industrial gas turbine industry. While there I was able to further my understanding of the technical and engineering sides of design, as well as enhancing my CAD skills. I had previously obtained the CSWP qualification, which I made great use of, but was also able to gain new experience with other CAD software, such as Siemens NX.


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Major Study Project:

AlertMe: Fire Alarm Alerting System for the Deaf


This project was conducted to improve the safety of Deaf people surrounding fire alarms in public buildings. The safety of a Deaf person in regard to fire alarms has a general focus on being for use in the home and less so for public buildings. AlertMe is a universal fire alarm detection system for the Deaf which has been integrated into a stylish watch. With a built-in omnidirectional microphone, the watch has been designed to detect a fire alarm and then send a visual and tactile alert to the user.

By maintaining a subtle and sleek design, the watch provides the user with an inconspicuous detection system which other existing products cannot. The system also contains a separate device which is used to test the watch is functioning correctly by simulating the sound of an alarm.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Extruded Greenhouse


This aluminium extruded greenhouse aims to benefit the elderly market who live in residential homes with limited outdoor space. The design provides a compact and easy to assemble alternative to existing greenhouses, while still maintaining the basic greenhouse functions. Through the combination of aluminium and polycarbonate panels, a lightweight structure was created, which not only improves the transportation of the greenhouse but also aids the assembly. The unique extruded profiles of the greenhouse allow for four legs to be created by simply sliding them together. The profiles have also been designed to allow hinge features to be attached, providing the greenhouse with accessible doors. However, the biggest benefit of the greenhouse for the elderly market is that the assembly process requires no screws, nuts or bolts. This makes it a lot easier for someone who has limited dexterity to still be able to assemble their greenhouse.