Devon Blackwood

With a strong passion for design, from the creation of gadgets to conceptual aesthetics I feel comfortable knowing that I've chosen the right path. While I'll continue on this journey, I've learnt the importance of communication through innovation. I thrive to show through my work thevalue of helping others less fortunate. I am a strong believer in sustainable design and contributing to an enriched future through the use of clean technology, a theme which is maintained throughout my projects.

I push my self in all parts of design from visualization to the manufacturing of products. After a years experience within the design industry, I am confident in my future aspirations. I am ready to take my journey on to new heights and begin my professional career. 



Eshoego is a surgical nursing shoe used in operating theatres, designed to reduce bacteria spreading in the hospital. The advantage of the Eshoego is the detachable sole, which can be removed from the main body of the shoe once the medical practitioner has completed an operation. An ergonomically designed operating footwear which provides comfort and ventilation while reducing the risk of infections. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for hospital staff and patients.

Kit Uzima


The Kit Uzima is a first aid response anti malaria kit, which is deployed via air drop to the rural areas in Sub Saharan Africa. Used as an emergency measure to control future malaria endemics by providing, a rapid diagnosis test, measuring cups, mosquito nets and malaria medication kept cool utilising solar panels.

Manufactured by injection moulding, the Kit Uzima is made from ABS plastic. Using an evaporation cooling system powered by a built in solar panel, the medical supplies remain at a cool temperature inside the Kit Uzima. With a locking mechanism the supplies are secured, safely in inside.