Dillan Mistry

From doing a placement year at a packaging company alongside freelancing it has not only allowed me to enhance my knowledge and skills within the industry but also allowed me to manage time efficiently. During the past 4 years at university it has allowed me to understand the importance of certain aspects within the design process to achieve the best outcome.
I am a self-motivated designer who is focussed on producing the best for the end user. From
research, designing, developing to marketing the product I ensure I am pushing myself to achieve
the required goal if not better.

My particular interests lie within the medical, automotive and graphic design industry.


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Major Study Project:



Kubus is a product designed to help young children with ADHD to complete particular tasks such as homework. The product encourages the involvement of their parent or guardian when in use. Each side of the cube entails a different feature to aid the child in various ways from helping them with activities to being used as a mood light help the child get to sleep. Research was done to understand ADHD sufficiently so that the product can be most beneficial in comparison to existing products on the market.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Extending Shoe Rack


The project brief was to re/design a product to benefit it by using the Aluminium Extrusion process. A problem was found with existing extending shoe racks and this was worked on to create a premium product.

The modular design makes it unique and stand out from existing products on the market and also allows it to be more than just a shoe rack as it can be further developed into other products such as shelving or storage units.